Healthy City

The project is located in Su Qi Town, Le Shan, Sichuan Province. It is the central area for Su Qi Complex New Zone. A river separates the site and Le Shan downtown. The site is 10 min away by car from several express ways like Cheng-Le, Le-Yi, Le-Zi, and Cheng-Ya; 10 min away by car from Cheng-Mian-Le and Cheng- Gui High-speed Railways; 1.5 hour away from Shuang Liu Airport. The east of the site is adjacent to Su Qi old downtown, North is adjacent to Yang Wan Country, South links Le Shan Polytechnic Collage, west is adjacent to Qing Yi River. Holding such advantages, the site has the best riverside viewing and rich nature resources. Islands, sandstone shoals, Reed marshes, forests and farmlands here stay harmoniously, what’s more, the unique underground water system can help to develop internal water features in the site.