Unlike traditional design firm, we provide our customers with an innovative design and planning consultancy service.

Design Planning Services

All of our designs are based on client end user and lead market demands. Correspondingly, every design work is backed up by systematic market research, project positioning, investment analysis and product planning. Our asset lies in our foresight of the industry and urban development and the keen grasp of consumer demands, our designers know how to perfectly combine customers benefit with consumer demands and consequently create brand and promote value for developers.

Leading Market Design Ideas

Design is the drawing that is specially designed to solve a problem. Our design services completely cover construction planning design, interior design and landscape design which are required in the chain of real estate development, further aid customers in reducing costs and ensure the timeliness and coordination of works.

Innovative Design Service

In the project’s technical design stage, we fully implement the programme principles and standards of the product’s market positioning, try to control the total costs of product compositions by adopting a forward-looking approach of sustainable development that is based on the principle of fine and economic design encompassing all fields and details involved within the project.