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About Us

Urban Hybrid Architecture are an experienced design-led practice with a dynamic and creative team of architects and urban designers. We provide a comprehensive architectural design and consultancy service to a wide range of clients.

Our consultancy work ranges from master planning, sustainable mixed-use developments, hospitality (bar, club and restaurants), interior design and residential projects ranging from bespoke private villas to high rise apartments. We are facilitators tasked with getting things done and drawing the best out of all involved.

Urban Hybrid Architecture are well recognised in the UK and abroad, for its residential and leisure design, its skill at urban integration, its city centre regeneration projects including valueadding adaptations to existing developments.

We seek to create a more sustainable environment through our approach to design and working practices. Quality of service is paramount to us. We place personal and professional development of our people at the heart of our practice. Our success is based on the talent, expertise and experience of our staff. Architectural design is the backbone of our practice and where our passion lies.We strive to serve our clients and their ambition with our design expertise, imagination and technical knowledge.

We believe in taking the lead in the design process from inception to completion, building on a clear concept that is owned by the client’s design team and rigorously tested through to completion.

“Glamour” is without doubt our key design philosophy. It is not, however, a mere design style that can be seen with the eyes. Rather, we offer our clients a glamorous lifestyle transformed into design. When we design a space, we never start from certain materials or design elements. Instead, we put our spirit into the space, walk through it and feel it, and only then transform our experiences into physical objects. Therefore, our design style varies with every project, yet a certain identical glamour resides in them all.